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Evergreen Colorado Style

Downtown Evergreen

Restaurant & Bar

​​Below are pictures of Mt. Evans as seen from Upper Bear Creek Road on your drive to Willow Creek Ranch in all it's glory in winter and summer.  You can see snow rarely disappears from the top of our 14,000 footer.  You are about 5 minutes drive  from the ranch  at this point.  Our outstanding Colorado ski resorts, white water rafting, gold panning, train loop, restaurants, Colorado Rockies, Denver Broncos, Rocky Mountain National  Park, Elitch Amusement Park (formerly Six Flags), ziplines, and more are only 15 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes away in any direction.

Rodeo Days

Little Bear Historic

Traffic Jam

Willow Creek Ranch, located in Evergreen, Colorado, is in the front range of the Rocky Mountains you have always wanted to see, between the Denver you have always wanted to visit, and the ski resorts you have always dreamed of experiencing.  The Rocky Mountain communities and the ski resorts are beautiful to visit in the summer too.  Their beauty does not end with the snow season...it just begins.

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Evergreen Lake House...Summer & Winter Seasons

​​     Evergreen, Colorado

     Our best kept secret, local attractions, and entertainment.

Our beautiful Evergreen Lake House is within walking distance of Downtown Evergreen.  it has year round activities with paddle boats,

sail boards, canoes, and fishing in the summer.  Ice fishing, ice skating, and ice hockey are enjoyed in late fall and early winter.  Weddings,

art shows, and music festivals abound in the summer months for our community and visitors.  Evergreen Public Golf Course is right next

door...an occasional Elk will come by and give you pointers on your game.  The Keys on the Green Restaurant on the golf course has great

drinks and snacks, or a wonderful sit down dinner after a round of golf.   We will be more than glad to give you a list of other very good

restaurants within walking distance of Evergreen Lake.  Little Bear Restaurant in Historical Downtown Evergreen is world famous, not only

for it's decor, but an occasional music star will jam with the band.  World famous Red Rocks Amphitheater is just 11 miles down the road from

Little Bear.  Enjoy a great hamburger and beer at Little Bear after an outstanding music concert or one of the summer movies shown at Red

Rocks....Great family fun at these movies.